• Crisp, clear vision for those with presbyopia

  • Brand new pair every day

  • Exclusive all day refresher with blink-activated moisture

  • No cleaning or disinfecting

  • No deposit build-up

  • Presbyopia (inability to focus on nearby objects)

  • Those dissatisfied with current multifocals (progressive) contact lenses

  • On-the-go lifestyles

  • Frequent Travelers

  • Sports

  • A great alternative to reading glasses or bi-focals

  • Extra convenience and flexibility


Focus® DAILIES Progressive Contact Lenses refresh throughout the day with blink-activated moisture.

Here's how it works:

Every time you blink, moisturizing agents are released gradually from inside the lens to lens and surface. This provides refreshing comfort all day.

Focus® DAILIES® Progressive Contact Lenses are made with DAILIES® Proprietary Technology, which ensures quality and consistency and allows for a thin contact lens edge for excellent comfort and ease of insertion.

DAILIES® Progressives

The World's First Daily Disposable Multifocal Lens.

DAILIES Progressives